Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Swaps..tryin to catch up!

I have been doing alot of swaps lately. I participated in a favorites swap and got some wonderful things from Sharni she lives in Australia. Love the candy it was sooo good! also got a mixed music cd I like it! And finally lots of post cards.. I am going to put them in my scrapbook. I think I will send her some post cards, she likes to collect them. was our host!

My next swap was an apron swap. I sent out two aprons, but failed to get pictures of them. It was at the time graduation was going on around here and it was crazy! I am sad to say my aprons never arrived. hosted this one!This also happened to my summer swap partner. She never got hers from me. I am talking to my post office and if nothing comes about I will send her another.

Last was Necklace and nail posish swap. I got my pal Haley again from bracelet swap. She made me a really nice Thanks Haley. was the host!

So I am going to be busy next week with lots of stuff, I am starting a spray tan business and hope to get it launched by the end of the week. I am so excited! I can travel with it and have parties and all kinds of fun stuff!


Kimberly said...

Hi! Sorry about your swap! I will look to see who your partner was. Does she know you never received?

Kimberly said...

swapdexblogspot - check it out. All the swaps that are going on.