Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Alive....I Think...

ok the reason I say this is for alot of reasons. One I took up running and all I can say is help me. I decided to train for the 5k for the autism awareness fund raiser. (more on that later) I hope that I can get pass the burn and not just in the legs, its also in the lungs, head, all over! My lung feels like it is going to come out of my body and it is only a half mile! Next week I go to one mile.......I hear crickets at this point. My daughter mentioned to her dad that I was training to run this 5K, he laughed so hard he had to get off the phone with her. (There is a reason why he is an ex). Well laugh go ahead,I say I'll show you... again crickets. I have a cause and that is my focus. I will do it no matter what! Also I have a few excuses as to why I have not posted since too long ago, I am busy with new jobs. I have also done some spring cleaning, I took pictures so I will post them. I am also working on some craft projects..again pictures will be posted soon.